wilde dieren in Engeland: geen verbod maar regels

(15 maart 2013)

In Engeland: geen verbod op wilde dieren maar regels! Vandaag verkreeg een tweetal Engelse circusondernemers van het ministerie een licentie om met wilde dieren op reis te gaan.

The Classical Circus Association is extremely proud to announce that circuses belonging to the Association have been awarded the first-ever UK government Licences allowing them to officially include animals classified in this country as ‘wild'.

The Licences have been issued by DEFRA under the Welfare of Wild Animals in Travelling Circuses (England) Regulations 2012, which came into force on January 20th this year. The newly-Licensed circuses are Circus Mondao and Jolly's Circus. 

The new rules were imposed after several years of discussion under the previous and present governments.  Throughout the discussions, CCA members requested government Regulation, believing proof of conformity to be proof of their integrity and high welfare standards. That belief is emphatically confirmed today.

Government veterinary specialists have made rigorous checks on the two circuses over the past two years, and further inspections have been carried out since November 2012. Both circuses were found to be in complete compliance with the Regulations, with no welfare problems.

The new Licences were issued on 13th March for one year, and a further regime of inspections will ensure continued compliance. 

Meer informatie bij de voorzitter van de VNCO, de heer Adri Lammers: info@vnco.info of 06 1049 7227

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